Neutrogena Brazil
Packaging Design
Neutrogena Sun Fresh is one of the leading sunscreen brands in Latin America. Our in-house team was approached to refresh the design system to harmonize existing products and accommodate expansion.
Modernize and elevate the brand aesthetic while maintaining existing design equities. We were asked to develop a new technology logo and ensure the overall design communicated new derm standards in the reformulation of the portfolio.
We simplified the color story to elevate the brand aesthetic, and introduced gold foil in the underscore and technology logo to convey the high standards of the reformulation. We developed a system that is dynamic to highlight the most important aspects of each formula and format, and expansive to allow for the launch of new line extensions that can be easily differentiated.
Brand Strategy, Brand Design, Packaging Design.
Design Director, Jennifer Dahl
Design Manager, Lex Evan​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


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