Lex Evan®
a.k.a. Alexander Evangelakos
Queer & Non-binary • he/him

Lex Evan is the founder, CEO & chef of LEXINGTON BAKES (LXB), an omni-channel dessert brand serving Consciously Baked Luxury Treats™ with natural and ethical premium clean ingredients, and a guiding principle of Radical Ingredient Transparency™.

Lex is also a designer, strategist, and writer with a demonstrated history of leading the design, strategy, and creative direction of iconic global brands, products, and teams for some of the world’s most impactful beauty, health and wellness brands.

Lex is wildly audacious and inventive in dreaming up big ideas. And incredibly persistent, resourceful and relentless in turning those ideas into realities. Leading with empathy in every initiative, Lex is an experienced Design leader who thrives in ambiguity with a passion for storytelling and a curiosity for insight. Driven by nurturing ideas to life in meaningful and impactful ways, he acts with responsibility and respect for people and the planet in every endeavor.

In short, Lex makes things happen.


His purpose in life is to further expand our understanding of what it means to be human, to create a safer, more accepting and inclusive future for every human identity. Lex is an advocate for equal rights for all human identities, and initiatives that amplify, empower and elevate LGBTQIA+ identities in the world. He writes about identity and gender with an aim to help others explore their own identity without judgment.

In 2019, Lex combined his purpose and passion for equality to create Alt Pronouns, a Human Identity Brand empowering the Queer community. Alt Pronouns makes Radically Queer™ Gender Free LGBTQ+ Pride Apparel that champions Queer identity and sparks conversations to advance equality and acceptance. He further expanded the project to launch Queerist, an LGBTQ+ community platform and publication. He ended the project in Oct 2021. Read the full story on what led Lex to shut down Alt Pronouns here.

Lex attended Montclair State University as an undergraduate, receiving a B.F.A. in Graphic Design, and has continued his education in Experience Design with intensive programs at General Assembly in N.Y.C.

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