Anchors Aweigh Co.
Brand Design
Tea & Coffee
What if your morning coffee did more than wake you up? What if it inspired you to treat each day like an adventure?

Anchors Aweigh is a conceptual Brooklyn based coffee house, whose mission is inspire adventure. They believe a cup of tea or coffee, served with a genuine smile can be the start of a brilliant journey. They have a passion for bringing together awesome ingredients from all over the world and blending them into incredible products that inspire people.
The challenge I set for myself was to create an inspired, passion and purpose-led brand. One that people would connect with on a deep emotional level beyond the physical sensations the brand would offer them. This opportunity allowed me to work on everything from the business model, naming, brand strategy and design, to copywriting, product development, digital design, and more.
The inspiration for this brand comes from the history of the Tea trade. From the name to the visual aesthetic and tone of voice, I crafted a brand reminiscent of the incredible journeys ships took around the world to bring tea everywhere. The brand is named after the shipping term "Anchors Aweigh," meaning the anchors are lifted and the ship is ready to set sail, which adequately captures the brands mission to inspire people to seek adventure. Tea and coffee blends are named after the shipping ports from where their  hero ingredients originate.
Business Development, Brand Strategy, Brand Design, Naming, Copywriting, Product Development, Packaging Design, Digital Design.
Creative Director, Lex Evan


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