Product Design
Food Ordering
People love exploring new foods, but the leading digital food delivery platforms fall short of helping users discover new food with confidence. 
Carter curates the best meals from nearby restaurants and offers you a customized daily menu that fits your dietary profile. As a brand, Carter's purpose is to deliver food discovery. The brand ambition is to reduce stress and anxiety from indecision when ordering food online.
Our challenge in the course was to identity a problem and develop a product to solve it. I conducted primary and secondary research, implemented multiple user experience principles and tools, and worked to make my product as feasible as possible, from user experience to business model.
Carter is the ultimate virtual server, helping you navigate the overwhelming amount of choice when ordering food online. I targeted several pain points and built features that would alleviate stress and anxiety, and provide confidence. I also developed a viable business model that would keep costs down for restaurant partners and users.
Business Development, Brand Strategy, Product Design, UX Design.
Product Designer, Lex Evan


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