Packaging Design
Aveeno was founded on the power of finely milled colloidal oatmeal to heal and soothe dry, compromised skin. Today, Aveeno researches and works with scientists and dermatologists around the world to unlock the therapeutic power of nature’s most restorative ingredients, delivering clinically-proven products that nurture and care for skin.⁠
For the launch of this new Calm+Restore collection, my in-house team was tasked with pushing the boundaries of our recent brand redesign.⁠ We were challenged with communicating a shift from skin care to skin health. Our design needed to communicate strong and effective formulas that are gentle enough for sensitive skin.⁠
We chose transparent structures and white closures to reinforce category expectations of clean and transparent formulation. Bold type and a scientific illustration style help balance efficacy against a bright and youthful teal hue that communicates sensitivity.
Brand Strategy, Brand Design, Packaging Design.
Design Director, Jennifer Dahl
Design Manager, Lex Evan
Designer, Sofia Sorvino

Oat Illustration, Mariana Junger

Agency Partner, Velocity


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