Clean & Clear
Packaging Design
Clean & Clear is a skincare brand created in 1986 to deliver formulas that were fragrance-free and dye-free, and left behind no residue. Johnson & Johnson acquired the brand in 1991 and narrowed the brand focus to teen skin. Today, Clean & Clear is the only skincare brand devoted to teen girls across the world.
My in-house team was challenged to evolve the Clean & Clear brand design by infusing more personality into the packaging design. Our goal to modernize the brand to reflect the values and needs of a new generation of teens.
My concept for this redesign was all about expression. Reflecting the personality and uniqueness expressed by teens in their social feeds, I evolved the iconography of the existing packaging design to bring to life the personality of each collection of products. Relying on consistency through typography and information hierarchy, I was able to develop a unique visual identity for each platform while maintaining a recognizable brand identity on shelf.
Brand Strategy, Brand Design, Packaging Design, Copywriting.
Design Director, Lara Harris
Design Lead, Lex Evan
Senior Designer, Carolyn Marks

Face Illustrations, Anna Callaway


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