L e x   E V A N®​​​​​​​
Designer / Strategist / Writer
Pastry Chef / Entrepreneur

Los Angeles
Recent Design Work
Clean & Clear Digital Design
Queerist Product Design
Aveeno Calm+Restore products in a blue background
Aveeno Packaging Design
Lexington Bakes
Lexington Bakes Brand Design
About Lex
Lex Evan is a designer, strategist, writer, pastry chef, and entrepreneur.
He identifies as Queer and non-binary, and uses the pronouns he/him.

Lex is wildly audacious and inventive in dreaming up big ideas. He is incredibly persistent, resourceful and relentless in turning those ideas into reality.

In short, Lex makes things happen.
Brands I've Worked With
Recent Writing
Failing to Succeed: Why I'm Shutting Down My Start Up
Love, Victor still image featuring Victor in yellow jacket
Accolades Of Queer Oppression: 
Should Straight Actors Play Queer Roles?
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